Simply complete and submit the online registration form to enroll into an Online Course. The MCSC will receive your registration form immediately and will begin the enrollment process. Please note – enrollment can take up to 5 business days. Once you are enrolled in the course you will receive an email with specific course instructions.

Online Coaching Eligibility Course – $35
NIAAA LTC 501 – $125.00
NIAAA LTC 502 – $125.00
NIAAA LTC 504 – $125.00
NIAAA LTC 506 – $125.00
NIAAA LTC 508 – $125.00

Payment is necessary in order for the MCSC to enroll you into the course. Forms of payment accepted by the MCSC include purchase orders and online payment (check or credit card). Please Note: If you indicate a purchase order as your method of payment, the MCSC must receive a copy of the purchase order prior to enrollment. The purchase order can be faxed to (207) 581-1206, attn: MCSC.

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