NIAAA Leadership Training Course

The Maine Center for Sport and Coaching and the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) have joined forces to offer professional development opportunities online for athletic administrators. The NIAAA Leadership Training Program provides resource tools to assist in developing and maintaining a quality sports program. By offering several of the NIAAA Leadership Training courses online, the NIAAA and the MCSC hope to broaden availability.

NIAAA Leadership Training courses being offered online by the MCSC:

LTC 501 Athletic Administration: Philosophy, Leadership Organizations and Professional Programs
This flagship course of Leadership Training serves as an overview for interscholastic athletic administration. This course focuses on the roles of the NFHS, the NIAAA, teh State Athletic/Activity Associations, and the State Athletic Administrators’ Associations. The course also previews the NIAAA Certification Program and the NIAAA Leadership Training Program. It is a prerequisite for all levels of certification and includes study materials for the CAA Certification Examination.
Required for: RAA, CAA and CMAA Certification
Course Cost: $125.00 

LTC 502 Athletic Administration: Principles, Strategies and Methods
This course will take a basic approach to the fundamental and methods of athletic administration and will alert and educate athletic administrators regarding potential problems and possible solutions in areas such as budgets, transportation, scheduling and parent/student/coach conflicts. The course will also touch upon sample athletic/activity program philosophies, department organizational charts, activity procedures/checklists, public relations, coaching applications/assessments and emergency plans.
Required for: RAA, CAA and CMAA Certification
Course Cost: $125.00

LTC 504 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues I (Risk Management)
This course has been developed to guide contemporary athletic administrators and coaches in their efforts to reduce and manage risks. As such, it is intended to alert program administrators to potential sources of litigation and provide information about contemporary and preventative “best practices” and strategies for risk reduction. The course should be used as a framework for examination and development of risk management procedures and guidelines for local schools or school districts. It is intended to serve as a focal point for thoughtful staff discussions and for development of local policies, methods and school-specific procedures. Athletic administrators will be exposed to five areas of study and will become conversant with various legal issues and potential sources of litigation that challenge contemporary high school athletic administrators risk management strategies.
Required for: CAA and CMAA Certification
Course Cost: $125.00

LTC 506 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues II (Title IX, Sexual Harassment)
This course has in-depth coverage of compliance issues regarding Title IX and gender equity in an interscholastic athletic program, including the methodology for a school to perform a Title IX self-audit, and in-depth coverage of the issues and strategies related to the development of an effective policy for the prevention of sexual harassment in an interscholastic athletic program.
Required for: CMAA Certification (Effective January 2011 LTC 506 will be required for CAA Certification)
Course Cost: $125.00

LTC 508 Athletic Administration: Legal Issues III (Hazing, ADA, Employment Law)
This course provides in-depth coverage of the issues and strategies related to the development of an effective policy for prevention of hazing in an interscholastic athletic program, coverage of the constitutional and statutory issues affecting athletic programs including the impact of disabilities legislation on school athletics, and coverage of employment law concerns affecting athletic programs including contract law, equal pay and FLSA issues.
Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: School Administrators seeking information concerning Hazing, ADA, and Employment Law.
Required for: CMAA Certification (Effective January 1, 2011)
Course Cost: $125.00

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All athletic administrators who successfully complete a Leadership Training Course will have the option of receiving .5 Continuing Education Units (per course) from the University of Maine. The CEU has been designed as a uniform unit of measurement to facilitate the accumulation and exchange of standardized information about individual participation in non-academic credit continuing education programs.

Visit the NIAAA website for further information about the NIAAA Leadership Training Program.

Resource: Rich Kent, associate professor of literacy and director emeritus of the Maine Writing Project has been studying writing, learning, and athletics for the past 9 years and has produced 13 articles and 6 books on the use of athletic team notebooks and journals with sports teams and individual athletes. Dr. Kent’s work is being used at a wide variety of colleges, secondary schools, sports academies, and national sports programs. He maintains a Resource Website that you might find useful. You may contact him through the website or at