Mission & Goals

The Maine Center for Sport and Coaching (MCSC) provides professional development for coaches at all levels in Maine schools and communities and guides the implementation of Sports Done RightTM, a community-action based model for improving interscholastic and youth sports through positive learning experiences. The MCSC serves as a resource for schools, communities, parents, student-athletes and others to examine and address current issues and trends in sports and to provide healthy sports opportunities and environments. Located within the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Maine, the MCSC has a statewide and growing national presence through its online coaching education course and its innovative, grassroots approach to “doing sports right.”


  • To raise statewide and national awareness of the lifelong benefits of Sports Done RightTM, including health and fitness, leadership and responsibility
  • To improve the quality of coaching and leadership for sport at all levels through accessible, low-cost training and professional development opportunities
  • To provide online coaching courses to assist coaches, schools and other organizations in meeting eligibility standards established by the Maine Principals’ Association and/or other organizations
  • To develop and provide training programs consistent with the (a) Core Principles and Core Practices recommended in Sports Done RightTM, (b) with the overall educational mission and goals of schools and communities
  • To assist schools in preparing, recruiting and retaining qualified coach-educators
  • To help coaches understand and respond positively to the pressures, demands and expectations of coaching
  • To support the standard of student-athletes first, keeping winning in perspective to ensure a positive environment of competition without conflict
  • To help parents and communities create a supporting environment that fosters positive athletic experiences for student-athletes
  • To undertake needed research to inform sport and related policy decisions
  • To pursue funding for the growing needs of the Maine Center for Sport and Coaching