The College of Education and Human Development’s interest in sports for Maine youth dates back to 1978, when it sponsored the first statewide conference entitled “Competition and the Child.” The University continued to expand its work surrounding youth sports with the establishment of the Maine Center for Coaching Education (MCCE) in 1992. Under this earlier title, training programs required by the Maine Principals’ Association for all high school coaches were developed and delivered statewide. In more recent years, the MCCE worked with schools to connect the sports experience with the attainment of Maine’s Learning Results.

For more than a decade, the MCCE had a focused agenda of professional development for coaches and connecting sports to learning. But societal conditions and troubling events in the youth sports arena caused the University to reconsider, and ultimately to expand the role of the MCCE to encompass a broad spectrum of factors dealing with sport. The name of the center was changed in November 2004 to the Maine Center for Sport and Coaching (MCSC) to reflect this expanded mission.